Profil photo of the working group lead Julia Affolderbach

Prof Dr Julia Affolderbach

Julia joined the University of Trier to take over the research chair for Sustainable regional and urban development in February 2020. Her research focuses on economy-environment relations ranging from urban climate change policies to resource conflicts.

Email | +49 (0)651 201-4525  |  Room F144

Christin Weil, M.A.

Christin manages the administrative office and organizational processes in the department. She is also the contact point for students regarding programme related questions including general information, certificates or appointments.

Email | +49 (0)651 201-4551  |  Room F176

Profile photograph of colleague Paula Hild

Dr Paula Hild

Paula is a postdoc researcher on the LIVEABLE project focused on lived sustainabilities and green building funded by the German Research Foundation. Her research focus is on the green economy and regional transition processes including green buidling, circular economy, and sustainability indicators.

Email+49 (0)651 201-4697 | Room F140

Portrait Angela Jensen

Dipl.-Biol. Angela Jensen

Angela Jensen has been a research assistant at the University of Trier in Department VI since October 2021. Her interests lie in the field of environmental education and she has a large network of actors in the field of education for sustainable development in the Trier region. Since 1.10.2022 she is part of the Plast.Ed. project, where she leads the specialisation module for Master of Education students.

Email  |  +49 (0)651/201-4799  |  Room F155

Picture of Jens Niewind

Jens Niewind, MA

Jens Niewind has been a research assistant at Trier University since May 2020 and joined the team in July 2023. As part of his dissertation project, the trained human geographer deals with inter-municipal and cross-border transformation approaches and processes in Rhineland-Palatinate border regions.

Email | +49 (0)651 201-4539 | F139

Photo of Trisanki Saikia

Trisanki Saikia, MSc

Trisanki joined Trier University as PhD researcher in Apr. 2023. She has a background in economics and is interested in economic geography focused on green entrepreneurship, cities and circular economies. She is currently working on developing a research project about waste management practices in Global South cities. 

Email | +49 (0)651 201-4540 | Room F140

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto Katharina Haupenthal

Katharina Haupenthal, MSc

Katharina is scientific research in the Urban Flood Resilience - Smart Tools(FloReST) project at Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld and since Jan. 2023 PhD student at the Uni Trier. As part of her dissertation project, she develops and assesses participatory approaches and their impact on disaster risk perception in the context of flooding.


Scientific & Student Assistants

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto von Annika Hoffmann

Annika Hoffmann

Annika Hoffmann is studying biology and geography in the Bachelor of Education programme at Trier University. She works in the BioGeoLab and supports the Plast.Ed project, in which she is mainly responsible for the didactic preparation of the scientific content.

Email | +49 (0)651/201-4468  |  Room F134 & F165

Photo of a woman

Karen Müller

Karen Müller studies Geography with a focus on human geography at Trier University. Since October 2023 she supports the LIVEABLE project funded by the DFG as student assistant.

Email | +49 (0)651/201-4468 | Room F134 & F165

Foto of Jan Wöhner

Jan Wöhner, BEd

Jan Wöhner is a Master of Education student in Geography and Biology. He is part of the BioGeoLab and supports the Plast.Ed project with outreach and education activities as well as overseeing and testing the machine workshop and as contact point for technical questions.

Email | +49 (0)651/201-4468  |  Room F134 or F165