Julia Affolderbach

Julia joined the University of Trier to take over the research chair for Sustainable regional and urban development in February 2020. Her research focuses on economy-environment relations ranging from urban climate change policies to resource conflicts.

affolderbachuni-trierde | +49 (0)651 201-4525  |  Room F144

Christin Weil

Christin manages the administrative office and organizational processes in the department. She is also the contact point for students regarding programme related questions including general information, certificates or appointments.

governanceuni-trierde | +49 (0)651 201-4551  |  Room F176

Portrait Angela Jensen

Angela Jensen

Angela Jensen has been a research assistant at the University of Trier in Department VI since October 2021. Her interests lie in the field of environmental education and she has a large network of actors in the field of education for sustainable development in the Trier region. Since 1.10.2022 she is part of the Plast.Ed. project, where she leads the specialisation module for Master of Education students.

jensenauni-trierde  |  +49 (0)651/201-4799  |  Room F155

Scientific & Student Assistants

[Translate to Englisch:] Foto Mitarbeiter Michael Arnold

Michael Arnold

Michael is studying Applied Geography (B.Sc.) at the University of Trier since 10/2019. His focus being on Physical Geography, he's most interested in the areas of remote sensing and urban planning. As student assistant he concerns himself with forest conflicts in British Columbia.

s6miarnouni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4468 | Room F134

PhD students (co-supervisions)

Jana Busch

Jana obtained a post-graduate degree in Environmental Communication in Sweden before joining the University of Hull as a PhD student. Her doctoral research is part of the interdisciplinary ‘Evolving a Circular Plastic Economy’ project, where she is supervised by Dr. Pauline Deutz and JProf. Dr. Julia Affolderbach. In her work, she explores the role that universities can play as living laboratories, promoters and active agents developing a more sustainable economy and culture. Hereby, special focus lies on adaptations of Circular Economy practices on university campuses.

j.busch-2019hull.acuk | University of Hull, UK

Aodhan Newsholm

Aodhan is an earlier stage researcher within the EU funded innovative training network on the Circular Economy: Sustainability Implications and Guiding Progress. In his PhD research, Aodhan explores stakeholder relationships in a circular economy as well as existing and potential circularity at the regional scale using the examples of the Humber region, UK, and Styria in Austria. Aodhan is from Dublin, Ireland and has spent time studying, volunteering and working internationally in China, India and the Netherlands. He studied his bachelor degree in Business Studies, at Trinity College Dublin. He then went on to complete his MSc in International Management at Tilburg University, with his thesis focusing on the circular economy from an international corporate perspective. Throughout his studies and professional life Aodhan has been involved in a range of organisations dealing with global issues, from education to climate change.

A.Newsholmehull.acuk | University of Hull, UK