Série de Publications - Volume 7

The University at the Turn of the Century:
Canadian and German Perspectives.
Hans Braun, Wolfgang Klooss (Eds.).
Kiel: l&f Verlag, 1998.


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In Europe and North America, the Humboldtian ideal of a university is seriously challenged by concepts based on market models. Such concepts foster an understanding of teaching and research where the relevance of disciplines and subjects depends on demand and where scholarly ouptut is sucsceptible to quantitative measurement. Like any kind of public undertaking, higher education has to cope with the budget restrictions which are being experienced in all industrialized countries. However, this does not imply that some of the basic principles have become obsolete. The following essays explore the ways in which crucial principles such as freedom of research and teaching, definition and control of academic standards, and autonomy in staff recruiting can be preserved within a changing social, economic and technological environment.