Série de Publications - Volume 9

Gagner la Vie: Socio-Cultural Studies on
Work and Life in Canada and Germany.

Hans Braun, Wolfgang Klooss (Eds.).
Kiel: l&f Verlag, 1999.

Texte du rabat

The almost natural connex between work and life has been seriously weakened during the past two decades. Not only has unemployment become a persistent problem in many countries, but the increase of part-time work, temporary work and contract work has rendered the working world more precarious. One can no longer rely on work as a basis for living, work even does no longer serve as a major key to one's identity.

The relationship between work and life and its changes are reflected in this collection of essays which supply both a Canadian and a German perspective. Whereas Germany is usually associated with a traditional view which puts work and life in a clearly defined order, Canada as a part of North America stands for a country where from the very beginning a greater flexibility has been a prerequisite for survival.