Prof. Dr. Stephan Diehl

Stephan Diehl is a full professor at University Trier, Germany.. His main research areas are software engineering and information visualization, and in particular the intersection of both areas, nameley software visualization. His research can be briefly characterized as follows:

  • applying techniques from compiler design like program transformations and analyses in other areas.
  • applying (visual) data mining techniques to analyse software evolution.
  • developing new ways to visualize the change of structured information over time.

For more details see the webpage of his research group . 

He is a member of ACMIEEE, and GI, as well as of the steering committees of both the IEEE Working Conference series on Software Visualization, as well as of the IEEE working conference series on Mining Software Repositories MSR. Since 2007 he is a member of the scientific directorate of Schloss Dagstuhl -- Leibniz-Center for Informatics

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