Counseling & Information

Trier University offers a comprehensive range of counseling services to support junior professors in all questions of further academic qualification and career development.

Application for Third-Party-Funded Projects

The team at the Research Department offers personal assistance in planning and applying for research projects financed by third parties. The range of services includes researching suitable funding programs and support in completing the project application, as well as coordinating with other service facilities at Trier University and external cooperation partners (e.g. cost calculation, ethics reports, research data management).

The Research Department offers further academic qualification events  on the topic of “applying for third-party funding” specifically for postdocs who are applying for the first time to the German Research Foundation for third-party funding.

The “Research Service A-Z” offers information on the application and implementation of research projects as well as other research-related topics.

Research Data Management and IT Infrastructure

The eScience Service Center offers counseling and support for planning, applying for and carrying out IT-based research projects, as well as for questions about handling research data and securing it in the long term. Here you will find information on research data management and the services offered for digital research.

Open-Access Publications

The university supports the open-access publication of research results. The university library provides information on funding opportunities for financing publications in genuine open-access journals and the publication options for secondary publication on the university’s institutional repository (green way to open access).

International Career Paths and International Research Collaboration

The International Office offers a comprehensive range of counseling and support for postdocs from abroad who (want to) research and teach at Trier University, as well as for postdocs from Trier who plan and carry out a stay abroad.

Center for University Didactics

The Center for University Didactics offers support in the development of “good teaching practices.” It offers personal counseling, organizes workshops and seminars and provides visualization and moderation material as well as informational brochures for courses. The service is particularly aimed at those new to teaching.

Knowledge Transfer and Business Startups

The Knowledge Transfer and Startup-Service supports the university’s cooperation with businesses and society. It offers support for the funding of application-oriented research, the initiation of cooperation with businesses and society and for business startups.

Balancing Academic Qualification with Work and/or Family

Trier University is committed to supporting its members in balancing university tasks with family responsibility. Family constellations are as diverse as the questions and support needs that can arise if the various areas of life are to be properly balanced. The Trier University Family Office is the central point of contact for all questions related to balancing academic goals with work/family. It offers personal counseling and support for all members of Trier University on combining studies, academic qualifications and/or work with family. You can find information on the support offered in the Family Information Portal.