International Conference at Trier University

Maritime Connections and their Influence on Ancient Sea Trade:

Objects, People, Places

19/20/21 February 2024


Maritime connections play a pivotal role in shaping intricate trade networks, offering a historically cost-efficient means of goods transportation. While land connections have been extensively studied and well-documented, research on maritime routes and their influence on transportation costs, still remains notably scarce, although the last decades saw ground-breaking studies. In light of a growing interest in research highlighting the impact of sea-based trade on ancient economies, this conference aims to convene experts in the fields of Ancient History, Archaeology, and Digital Humanities.
Our objective is to provide a comprehensive contextuali-zation of various phenomena within ancient societies that were influenced by maritime trade. To achieve this, our thematic scope encompasses the reconstruction of sea routes, exploration of trade patterns, and investigations into connectivity. Furthermore, we will delve into the imprint of sea trade on seafaring practices, the material culture of ancient societies, and the portrayal of maritime landscapes in literary texts. This conference aims to serve as an intellectual hub for the exploration of innovative approaches to interpreting literary and material sources related to sea trade, integrating new theoretical frameworks and cutting-edge methodologies, such as simulations.