Dr. rer. pol. Sumit Deole

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter 01/23 bis 12/23


Dr. phil. Lea Shih

Forschungsverbund Interkulturalität bis 2022


Dr. Masoud Yousefi

Promotion 2022 zum Thema "Do personality traits trust and fairness shape the stock investing decisions of an individual?"


Dr. Thuy Phan

Promotion 2019 zum Thema "Behavioral characteristics and biases of private investors in Vietnam and Western countries"


Dr. Shuonan Yuan

Promotion 2015 zum Thema "Determining the Structure of Diversification"



Dr. Ji Cao

Promotion 2014 zum Thema "Analysis of Portfolio Risk of Private Investors"



Dr. Hai Minh Ngo

Promotion 2016 zum Thema "The Equity Premium and Its Behavioral Explanations"



Dr. Martin Ewen

Promotion 2018 zum Thema "On the Stability of Portfolio Risk - An Analysis of the Impact of Portfolio Size and Risk Based Fund Classification"



Dr. Stefan Muhl

Promotion 2019 zum Thema "How Market Conditions Shape Investors' Behavior"


Dr. Amin Zokaei Ashtiani
Curriculum Vitae