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What is TriMUN?

TriMUN is an extracurricular project for students from all faculties, working on an international basis. It simulates the work of the United Nations and provides students with skills in public speaking and diplomacy, as well as deep knowledge about international politics and the institutional work of the UN. TriMUN aims at preparing students for the final simulation of a UN meeting in New York City. First, they attend a preparatory seminar and gain experience at simulations in Germany, before advancing to the international level.

Who can participate?

Everyone who is enrolled as a student at the University of Trier, Trier University of Applied Sciences (FH) and Universities of the Greater Region Saar-Lox-Lux can participate. International students can also apply. It is considered helpful to have a high proficiency in English.

When and how do I apply?

In your application, a CV and a letter of motivation should be included, both in English. You can apply every May-June for next semester’s delegation. There might be a second application phase in October, given the possibility that we might not have gotten enough applications from suitable candidates. Please send your application to

As part of the application process, you will be invited to an interview. For this, you should prepare general facts about the UN and know about current geopolitical topics.

How is it organized?

The seminars are held by a group of former TriMUN delegates who have already participated in TriMUN themselves and serve as your tutors. Further, there is frequent cooperation with Prof. Dr. Christian Bauer (Economics) and Prof. Dr. Manuel Fröhlich (Political Science). Ronny Heintze, political scientist and Senior Consultant at AQAS e.V., serves as our mentor.

What can I gain from this personally?

TriMUN allows connecting with national and international students who are interested in international politics and the UN. Delegates also get the chance of developing concrete skills in public speaking, gaining deeper knowledge about countries and the system of the UN and taking responsibility by representing your delegation/ your University at the conferences.

What are my tasks during the semester?

During the semester, your tasks will be to attend the seminar (you are only allowed to miss 3 sessions) and to give two presentations on topics related to international politics, the UN and the country that we will represent at NMUN. Furthermore, you will have to prepare for the conferences by writing Position Papers from the perspective of the country you are representing.

Are there any costs?

Due to registration fees for conferences, travel costs, etc., each delegate will have to contribute around 1500 €. Depending on how much the Fundraising team can collect, you will get paid back at least some of the money afterwards.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, during conferences you will have to wear western business attire. The weekly preparatory seminar does not have a dress code.