Mario Gilcher, M.Sc.

Ehemaliger Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Lehrbeauftragter



M. Gilcher & T. Udelhoven (2021): Field Geometry and the Spatial and Temporal Generalization of Crop Classification Algorithms—A Randomized Approach to Compare Pixel Based and Convolution Based Methods.  Remote Sensing, 13, 775. doi:10.3390/rs13040775 

T. Ruf, M. Gilcher, T. Udelhoven, C. Emmerling (2021): Implications of Bioenergy Cropping for Soil: Remote Sensing Identification of Silage Maize Cultivation and Risk Assessment Concerning Soil Erosion and Compaction. Land10, 128. doi:10.3390/land10020128

M. Gilcher, T. Ruf, C. Emmerling & T. Udelhoven (2019): Remote Sensing Based Binary Classification of Maize. Dealing with Residual Autocorrelation in Sparse Sample Situations.  Remote Sensing 11 (18), 2172. doi:10.3390/rs11182172