Prof. Dr. Antje Bruns

Key Research Interests and Background
Trained as geographer (PhD Kiel), my work examines political dimensions of environmental and resource issues in the context of climate change response. My geographic specialism is in Europe and West-Africa.

I work at the intersection of political and environmental geography by studying resource use and governance systems mainly of the water and energy sector. My primary research for the past few years has been on environmental governance in coastal zones and coastal cities, whereby my theoretical interests span political ecology, environmental studies, hydrology and debates over development and sustainability transformation. My overall aim is to understand the nature and dynamics of socio-ecological change. I have a particular interest in the role that power asymmetry play in resource management (adaptation and mitigation to climate change).

I am holding a full professorship for Governance Sustainable Development at Trier University. Before I was assistant professor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, where I have been a member in the Integrative Research Institute on Transformation of Human-Environment Systems (THESys).
Since October 2015 I am heavily involved in setting up the Governance and Sustainabilit Lab at Trier University.