The certificate "East Asian Studies" is a certificate of special, interdisciplinary study achievements that deal with the questions and problems raised by the growing international importance of East Asia. It offers students at the University of Trier the opportunity to demonstrate an additional focus qualification that goes beyond the conventional requirements of regular, solely subject-related degree programmes and also demonstrates an increased sensitivity for the current and future development of East Asia. At the same time, it should open up opportunities in such professional fields in which interdisciplinary knowledge of East Asian development is of particular benefit.


Course contents

The course programme "East Asian Studies" provides in-depth knowledge of linguistic, cultural, historical, social, political and economic aspects of East Asian development. Special emphasis is placed on the global environment and on Europe's relationship to East Asia. For the certificate "East Asian Studies", courses from the subject areas Sinology and Japanese Studies in particular can be taken. In addition, lectures and seminars from other subjects with a connection to East Asia can be considered. A list of courses that are currently intended or suitable for the certificate can be found here.

Study requirements

The study programme for the certificate comprises 32 semester hours (SWS). Of these, 16 SWS are reserved for courses in an East Asian foreign language. Students of Sinology and Japanese Studies must take the language of the other programme (or optionally Korean, if available in the Language Centre's programme). The remaining 16 SWS are to be chosen from the courses offered by the participating subjects and must cover the subject complexes listed below. All required achievements can be completed in the course of regular studies (§31HochSchG).


Overview of the courses to be completed

Nr.CourseSWSProof of achievement
1UNIcert Language Course I1 (Chinese, Japanese or Korean)4graded certificate
2UNIcert Language Course I2 (Chinese, Japanese or Korean)4graded certificate
3UNIcert Language Course I3 (Chinese, Japanese or Korean)4graded certificate
4UNIcert Language Course I4 (Chinese, Japanese or Korean)4graded certificate
5B.A. Seminar on Chinese Cultural Studies2




of the 8 courses of own choice 4 with graded and 4 with ungraded certificate


6B.A. Seminar on Regional Studies in Japan2
7B.A. Elective Seminar Sinology2
8B.A. Elective Seminar in Japanese Studies2
9Election Event on East Asian Politics2
10Elective course on the economy, society or other aspects of East Asia2
11Elective course on the economy, society or other aspects of East Asia2
12Elective course on the economy, society or other aspects of East Asia2

Issue of the certificate

The certificate is issued by the management of the CIUT as soon as all the required achievements have been made and the corresponding certificates have been submitted to the relevant secretariat. If desired, an overall grade will be calculated from the arithmetic mean of the individual grades and shown on the certificate.


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