China Institute of the University of Trier (CIUT)!

Logo of Ciut, white letters on red background
Many thanks to Fisnik Qadraku for the draft

ZOPS is now CIUT.



In the summer of 2021, the Center for East Asia-Pacific Studies was transformed into the China Institute of the University of Trier.

The Certificate in East Asian Studies will be continued by the CIUT.

Graduates and those interested should get in touch with the specified contact if they have any questions.

chinnotopia moves to CIUT

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Since the 1st of February 2022 the innovative online format for information exchange regarding development of technology in China and their influence on societies, chinnotopia, has found a new home at CIUT.


It was brought along by Dr. Josie-Maire Perkuhn, who is the head of the BMBF-founded research project "Taiwan as Pioneer" (TAP) at the Sinology Department of the University of Trier.