JProfessor Dr. Theres Matthieß

Research expertise and interests

Comparative politics | Party competition |  Electoral behavior  |  Political representation and democratic legitimacy  |  Text analysis  |  Surveys and experiments


Since April 2022  JProf. Dr. Theres Matthieß has headed the Chair of Empirical Democracy Research at the University of Trier. In March 2020, she completed her PhD on "Retrospective pledge voting" at Humboldt University while working as a research assistant in the Manifesto Project at the Social Science Research Center Berlin. Subsequently, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES).

Her research interests include comparative politics, party competition, electoral behavior, political representation, and democratic legitimacy. The research draws on a variety of methodological approaches, including text analysis, surveys, and experimental research. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes, and various (media) formats. She is also the scientific director of various studies on the fulfillment of electoral and coalition promises in Germany in cooperation with the Bertelsmann Foundation and on the board of the Trierer Institut für Demokratie- und Parteienforschung (TIDuP).

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Recent publications

[Translate to Englisch:] Cover_Zeitschrift Electoral Studies

Matthieß, Theres (2022): Retrospective pledge voting and mistrusting citizens: Evidence for the electoral punishment of pledge breakage from a survey experiment, in: Electoral Studies 80 (2022), online open access.


Cover Die Ampelkoalition

Lehmann, Pola; Theres Matthieß; Sven Regel and Prof. Bernhard Weßels (2022): Die Ampelkoalition - Wie wird aus unterschiedlichen Zielen ein gemeinsamer Plan?, Bielefeld: tansprict Verlag.



Matthieß, Theres and Robert Vehrkamp (2022): Bilanz der Großen Koalition von 2018 bis 2021: Versprechen, Umsetzung und Wahrnehmung des Regierungsprogrammes, in: Karl-Rudolf Korte et al. (Eds.): Die Bundestagswahl 2021: Analysen der Wahl-, Parteien-, Kommunikations- und Regierungsforschung, Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

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