Research Papers in Economics

2023AuthorTitlePublished in
No. 11/23Jerg Gutmann / Pascal Langer / Matthias NeuenkirchInternational Sanctions and Emigration 
No. 10/23Darius Lambrecht / Jörn Block / Matthias Neuenkirch / Holger Steinmetz / Tom WillekeThe Interdependence of Intellectual Property and Sales in the Manufacturing Industry: Evidence from the Triangle of Patents, Trademarks, and Sales 
No. 09/23Felix Haase / Matthias NeuenkirchMacroeconomic Expectations and State-Dependent Factor Returns 
No. 08/23Mehrzad B. BaktashOvereducation, Performance Pay and Wages: Evidence from Germany 
No. 07/23Mehrzad B. Baktash / Uwe JirjahnAre Managers More Machiavellian Than Other Employees? 
No. 06/23Mehrzad B. Baktash / John S. Heywood / Uwe JirjahnDoes Performance Pay Increase the Risk of Marital Instability? 
No. 05/23Ludwig von Auer / Tu Anh PhamImperfect Collusion On Surveilled Markets With Free EntryJournal of Economics
No. 04/23Victoria Baudisch / Matthias NeuenkirchCostly, but (Relatively) Ineffective? An Assessment of Germany’s Temporary VAT Rate Reduction During the Covid-19 PandemicThe Economists' Voice
No. 03/23Matthias Neuenkirch / Maria Repko / Enzo WeberHawks and Doves: Financial Market Perception of Western Support for Ukraine 
No. 02/23Uwe Jirjahn / Thi Xuan Thu LeWorks Councils and Workers’ Party Preferences in Germany 
No. 01/23Jan Pablo Burgard / Matthias Neuenkirch / Dennis Umlandt(Almost) Recursive Shock Identification with Economic Parameter Restrictions