Research Papers in Economics

2022AuthorTitlePublished in
No. 08/22Jerg Gutmann / Matthias Neuenkirch / Florian NeumeierDo China and Russia Undermine US Sanctions? Evidence from DiD and Event Study EstimationReview of International Economics
No. 07/22Fenet Jima Bedaso / Uwe Jirjahn / Laszlo GoerkeImmigrants and Trade Union Membership: Does Integration into Society and Workplace Play a Moderating Role? 
No. 06/22Uwe Jirjahn / Thi Xuan Thu LePolitical Spillovers of Workplace Democracy in Germany 
No. 05/22Hamza Bennani / Matthias NeuenkirchToo Complex to Digest? Federal Tax Bills and Their Processing in US Financial MarketsInternational Tax and Public Finance
No. 04/22Joern H. Block / Mirko Hirschmann / Tobias Kranz / Matthias NeuenkirchPublic Family Firms and Economic Inequality Across SocietiesJournal of Business Venturing Insights
No. 03/22Jana Emmenegger / Ralf Münnich / Jannik SchallerEvaluating Data Fusion Methods to Improve Income Modelling 
No. 02/22Alexander Georges Gretener / Matthias Neuenkirch / Dennis UmlandtDynamic Mixture Vector Autoregressions with Score-Driven Weights 
No. 01/22Ludwig von Auer / Alena ShumskikhRetrospective Computations of Price Index Numbers: Theory and ApplicationReview of Income and Wealth