Research Papers in Economics

2020AuthorTitlePublished in
No. 11/20Hamza Bennani / Jan Pablo Burgard / Matthias NeuenkirchThe Financial Accelerator in the Euro Area: New Evidence Using a Mixture VAR ModelMacroeconomic Dynamics
No. 10/20Ludwig von Auer / Alena ShumskikhSubstitution Bias in the Measurement of Import and Export Price Indices: Causes and CorrectionJournal of Official Statistics
No. 09/20Charlotte Articus / Hanna Brenzel / Ralf MünnichAnalysing local-level rental markets based on the German Mikrozensus 
No. 08/20Uwe Jirjahn / Martha OttenbacherBig Five Personality Traits and Sex 
No. 07/20Martha OttenbacherReligion Predicting Fertility Behaviour of Young Women in Contemporary Germany 
No. 06/20Stefan Zins / Jan Pablo BurgardPlanning Domain Sizes in Cluster Sampling 
No. 05/20Jan Pablo Burgard / Tobias KranzTemporary Settlement of Payments: Monetäres Substitut zur Aufrechterhaltung von Geldströmen 
No. 04/20Jan Pablo Burgard / Patricia Dörr / Ralf MünnichMonte-Carlo Simulation Studies in Survey Statistics – An Appraisal 
No. 03/20Jan Pablo Burgard / Joscha Krause / Ralf MünnichA Study of Discontinuity Effects in Regression Inference based on Web-Augmented Mixed Mode Surveys 
No. 02/20Christian Bauer / Marc-Patrick AdolphStructured Common Project Financing (SCPF): Efficiency without Debt Mutualization 
No. 01/20Felix Haase / Matthias NeuenkirchPredictability of Bull and Bear Markets: A New Look at Forecasting Stock Market Regimes (and Returns) in the USInternational Journal of Forecasting