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Many roads lead to Trier

According to the chart, there are many ways to reach the city of Trier by car. For an exact route description, select a route planner and enter the start and destination address. A detailed description (also with public transport) is available here as PDF or WORD.

Arriving at Campus I of Trier University, the following map shows you the way to the C-Building.

  • From Kohlenstraße, turn into the east visitor parking lot (unrestricted parking lot opposite the gas station), which you should use for parking.
  • At the lower end of the parking lot (shopping center), cross the Universitätsring over a pedestrian bridge equipped with stores. On the right side you will see the C-building.
  • In the C-Building, use the elevator to the 3rd floor. To get to the secretary's office (C 310) or to the office of Univ. professor Dr. Prof. h.c. B. Swoboda (C 311), exit the elevator to the left and take two more left turns into the corridor.
Trier Uebersicht
Campus 1 Uebersicht


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