Bachelor of Science

BA Students

Acquire social skills.
Your career is worth it!

Basic business administration studies are important, but a socially competent management or leadership is essential for your future success. The knowledge and social competence are competitive advantages, from which both you as an employee and the corporation you work for will profit.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Trier University has been developed to impart the basic knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in a wild range of corporations.

Target group
Graduates who see their future career in the field of Business Administration.

The degree is completed within a full-time study program of three years (six semesters). The curriculum consists of two consecutive parts of studies and related modules.

1. First part of studies
Orientation studies include socio-economic basics and methods (two semesters):
During the first part of your study, socio-economic fundamentals are imparted. The study starts with an integrated introduction, where the students write their first academic work and have contact to professors and academic assistants. Further modules (introductions to Business Administration, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, Statistics, Informatics and Empirical Research) provide basic knowledge to students. Based on this knowledge choosing a specialization in the second part of study becomes easier.

2. Second part of studies
Specialization studies (four semesters):
In the second part of the study, students have to participate in core modules of Business Administration, Law and several elective modules/courses. You choose between several business administration specializations. In contrast to other universities, you have the possibility to select one of two specializations (either "Marketing, Strategy and Human Resources (MSH)" or "Accounting, Finance, and Taxation (AFT)"). In case of specifying MSH, you choose two of six modules in Business Administration (for course descriptions see here). Additionally, you will work on a more practical oriented study project (Studienprojekt) in small groups that will help you to learn how to manage a team and that provides further skills for the Bachelor thesis. Themes for the project and the Bachelor thesis are centrally announced before the respective semester.

The degree is "Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.Sc.)".

The particular characteristics of the Bachelors degree at Trier University include:

  • Personal relationships with professors and research assistants
  • Development of social skills in small group projects
  • An empirical and simultaneously practical focus
  • Interdisciplinary Integration (Business Administration, Economics, Sociology) in the first part of studies
  • Strong support of foreign language and study abroad programs.

Learn more about the department’s distinctive qualities on the official homepage of the course guidance website (Studienberatung). Only these information are legally binding.

Besides the study project (fifth semester), the Bachelor thesis (sixth semester), the exchange program (fifth/sixth semester), and the foreign language program (third/fourth semester) the Chair for Marketing and Retailing supports the success of your studies with the following courses and modules:

Module of the chair

All courses offered by the Chair for Marketing and Retailing are characterized by an integration of guest speakers, case studies and basic readings (textbooks from the Chair), which allows students to follow the course content easily.