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The focus on service functions/institutions and on globalization is representative for the societal and corporate development. This tendency paired with a methodical, empirical and scientific education form the base for the modules of the Chair for Marketing and Retailing in the studies of the Master of Science in Business Administration at Trier University. The Master program was developed enabling graduates with a Bachelor degree to add abilities and knowledge that are necessary for advanced managerial positions in corporations as well as for possible PhD candidate positions.

Modules of the chair!

In addition to the research project (second/third semester) and the master thesis (fourth semester) the Chair offers the specification "Retailing and International Marketing-Management" for a successful master study. The spezialization includes two modules which are offered in two semesters with varying contents:

  • Module 1: "Retail Management and B2C-Marketing", with lecture ("Handel und Internationales Marketing") and exercise ("International Brand Management") courses focusing on offline, online and omni-channel retailing and international brand management, rarely and as an alternative also focusing on international business strategies (winter semester).
  • Module 2: "International Strategies and Retail Marketing", with lecture and exercise focusing on international strategic marketing as well as retail marketing/supply chain management, rarely and as an alternative also focusing on selected topics in retail marketing (summer semester).
  • Research project
  • Master thesis

All courses offered by the Chair are characterized by two issues: You receive a manual with charts and readings (own textbooks and research papers published in international journals). You will learn how to prepare and hold presentations, receive detailed feedback and additional points for the exam. Furthermore, case studies and usually guest speakers are integrated into the lectures/exercise courses.

The topics of the research projects and Master theses will be centrally announced for all business administration specializations before the corresponding semester starts.