Multi-sensory lab

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  • for conducting computer-based research on attention, perception, and action control
  • we focus on the processing of tactile stimuli and the interaction of visual, auditory, and tactile senses

Lab equipment:

  • the laboratory consists of the experimental room and the control room for the experimenter
  • the experimental room is equipped with
    • broadband absorber plates (from 500 Hz 100% absorption) on the walls and a soundproof door (-30dB plus absorber values)
    • a sound-absorbing carpet and a sound-absorbing ceiling (absorption of all frequencies > 100 Hz)
    • a sound-absorbing curtain made of stage molton in front of the windows were glued with opaque foil and a black, sound-absorbing curtain made of stage molton was added
    • all walls, floor, ceiling and furniture being completely black to ensure external control over the stimuli that reach the sense of hearing and the sense of sight
    • The room complies with the fire protection standard B1.
  • the workplace for the participant is equipped with a computer workstation (Intel Core i7-2120 3.30GHz, 2x4GB RAM, 2x500GB HDD) and a 24" TFT monitor (16: 9 ) with calibrated Premium First Class Display for authentic color reproduction, which is digitally connected
  • Reaction times and error rates are measured using a Chronos (USB-based response and stimulus device), foot pedals, a voice key, or a joystick
  • Tactile stimuli are presented via an amplifier (Tangent AMP-50) or via a self-built control box with built-in controllable amplifier via small vibrators from Audiological Engineering Corporation (TACTAID VBW32) or Engineering Acoustics, Inc. (C2 Tactor)
  • the simultaneous processing of stimuli of two modalities can be controlled via covers, chin rest, arm mounts and accessories (headphones, earmuffs, visual-acoustic metronome)
  • with the help of a luminance meter (MAVO-Monitor USB, company Gossen) the luminance of visual stimuli can be measured and calibrated in cd/ m2