Colloquium Cognitive Psychology, every tuesday from 12:15 s.t. to 2 pm, room D 032

The colloquium will be held in English

2024-04-16Scheduling and organization 
2024-04-23Spatial biases in IOR revisitedPaula Soballa
2024-04-30A rollercoaster of emotions: The influence of valence on binding and retrievalLars-Michael Schöpper
2024-05-07Uncertainty does not induce aftereffects of attentional selectionLorena Hell
2024-05-14The relevance of stimulus configuration on motion perceptionSimon Merz
4-6 pm D 435

Endophenotypic markers and personality correlates in populations at increased risk for schizophrenia-spectrum disorders.

Prof. Dr. Stella Giakoumaki, University of Crete
2024-05-28Constant Auditory Noise as a Burden on Working Memory?Philip Schmalbrock

2-4 pm D 435
Attention, please! What we can do about auditory distraction and what we can't.Prof. Dr. Jan Philipp Röer, Universität Witten/Herdecke
2024-06-11Post-response beta synchronization and S-R bindings: Evidence from a salience manipulationBernhard Pastötter
2024-06-18Response-Response Binding Effects when Actions are stopped: A Multi-Study ApproachMaria Nemeth
After effects of response selectionDaniel Maurer
2024-06-25 Nicolas Münster
 Birte Moeller
2024-07-02 Tarini Singh
 Ruth Laub
2024-07-09 Christoph Geissler
 Nilay Türkan
K 101
Campus 2

Poster session for all bachelor and master theses                               BSc. und MSc. students

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