Neuerscheinung (März 2018): Sammelband zu Edward Steichen und seiner epochalen Ausstellung "The Family of Man" (1955). Download bookcover
Details (Ort und Zeit) der Buchvorstellung im Rahmen eines wissenschaftlichen Symposium folgen demnächst.

Coming soon (March 2018) – new publication on Edward Steichen and his epochal exhibition "The Family of Man" (1955). Download bookcover
Details on the format, location, and date of the book launch to be announced soon.

"[The Family of Man] was a real shock for me... they showed so much and they told so much these pictures, these photographs, told so much about modern life, my life."
Gerhard Richter
, German artist

“Of exhibitions of photography, 'The Family of Man' is the one most deserving of renewed critical reflection and assessment. This volume offers exactly that, providing new perspectives and information in an effort to make us think again about what we imagined we already knew. Anyone interested in photography's history and creative possibilities will want to read it.”
Geoffrey Batchen
, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

‘This anthology of contemporary essays and historical sources is an important contribution to the growing field of exhibition history. Through critical reevaluation of 'The Family of Man' and analyses of its international reception, the book breaks new ground with varied accounts of the show’s place in postwar culture and detailed discussion of its curatorial construction and modes of presentation.’
Bruce Altshuler
, Director, Program in Museum Studies, New York University