Prof. Dr. Axel Hochkirch

wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / außerplanmäßiger Professor / Laborleiter

Universität Trier
Fachbereich VI, Raum und Umweltwissenschaften
Campus I, Gebäude N
Universitätsring 15
54286 Trier

Raum 211

E-mail: hochkirchuni-trierde
Tel: +49 (0)651-201-4692
Fax: +49 (0)651-201-3851

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News Feed

13. Juni 2018: Our new paper on the effects of grazing on the Crau Plain Grasshopper is online

22. May 2018: Interview with BR on insect declines 

8. Mai 2018: Discussion with the Green Party in Kaiserslautern about the biodiversity crisis

25.-27. April 2018: Workshop of the IUCN Red List Technical Working Group in Cambridge

24. April 2018: Keynote EU conference on urban biodiversity in Sofia

23. April 2018: Expert discussion on insect declines (VW Foundation, Hannover)

20. April 2018: Our publication on the conservation status of Azorean moths is published

6. April 2018: Our paper on the influence of choosing the right predictors for niche modelling is online

27. March to 4. April 2018: Field research on Malta

23.-25 March 2018: DGfO conference in Potsdam 

22. March 2018: Workshop IUCN Green List in Oxford

9. March 2018: Conference on insect declines in Mainz

7. March 2018: Our publication on the genetic structure of the Northern Bald Ibis ex situ population is online

29. February 2018: Interview with the SWR on the effects of climate change on insects and cultivated plants

26.-28. February 2018: Conservation Genetics Symposium in Wien

19. February 2018: Juror at the regional competition on youth science projects (Jugend Forscht) in Bitburg

01. February 2018: Interview on the possible locust outbreak in Russia with Deutschlandfunk

24. January 2018: Our paper on the evolution of reproductive behaviour in salamanders is online

20. December 2017: Article on insect declines in the spanish newspaper ABC

14.-15. December 2017: Review meeting for the conservation strategy for the Crau Plain Grasshopper in Thoiry (Frankreich)

07. December 2017: Special issue of Zooquaria on invertebrate conservation, including my article

13.-16. November 2017: BfN-Workshop on biodiversity monitoring on Vilm

1.-4. November 2017: Workshop for writing the IUCN Key Biodiversity Area Guidelines in Virginia (USA)

26. October 2017: Artikel on insect declines in the German Newspaper "Die Zeit" 

19. October 2017: Our paper on the red list status of Azorean beetles is online

03. October 2017: Our paper on the pyhlogeny of the South African grasshopper genus Betiscoides is online

01. bis 12. October 2017: Field research on Mahé (Seychelles)

27. September 2017: Meeting of the project "RotWildKatze" in Berlin

7. bis 8. September 2017: IUCN SSC Invertebrate Conservation Sub-Committee Meeting in Cambridge

31. Juli bis 4. August 2017: IUCN SSC Steering Committee Meeting in Cartagena 

27. Juli 2017: My new commentary in Nature is published

16. Juni 2017: Commentary with Silvia Pina in Science is published.  

12. Juni 2017: Our paper on the importance of alpha taxonomy for phylogenetic studies is published

9. Juni 2017: Our publication on de-extinction in Science is published

17: Mai 2017: Keynote at the University Landau

4. Mai 2017: Commentary with Blakemore in Nature published