Apl. Prof. Dr. Axel Hochkirch

Research Interests

My main research focus is conservation biology and conservation genetics, but I am generally interested in all kind of biodiversity and ecological research, ranging from the origin of biodiversity (evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, speciation, evolutionary ecology) via mechanisms of biodiversity maintenance (ecology, behavioural ecology, population genetics) to its conservation (conservation biology, conservation genetics, monitoring). 


Current research projects

  • Habitat management and population monitoring of the Common Saw Bush-cricket (ELSA)
  • Quantifying genetic distinctiveness to identify Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs)
  • Ecology and niche partitioning in the hoverfly genus Neoascia
  • Population ecology, threat analysis and reintroduction of the Crau Plain Grasshopper, Prionotropis rhodanica
  • Effects of habitat management on the Endangered Adriatic Marbled Bush-Cricket, Zeuneriana marmorata
  • The global conservation status of invertebrates: Major threats and their spatial distribution
  • Effects of wildfires on the conservation status of the Madeira Green Bush-cricket, Psalmatophanes barretoi
  • Phylogeography of Isophya modestior