Research, Partners and Publications


We provide comprehensive, multifaceted, wide-ranging and international view.
We always have new goals and new encounters in our sight.

Our goal in research resides in the production of knowledge from a primarily empirical and practical relevant basis.  This is evident in over 250 international journals and conference papers, as well as over 50 books.  We deliberately cover a breadth of topics in our article contributions that deal either with Business and Marketing or Internationalization, often merging the two.  We do not follow any single theory or theoretical tendency.  Instead we choose worthwhile theoretical foundations that are independent from any particular real phenomenon or the state of discussion in literature.  In this respect we are occasionally involved in psychological consumer behavior theories, resource based approaches and often in system or evolutional theory.  Similarly, we use primary and secondary customer data for empirical observation, as well as data from businesses.

Retail Management and Consumer Marketing

Management of Retail Enterprises is becoming increasingly complex as a result of the progressive vertical, horizontal and international interweaving of commercial activity.  This development sustains our research program in multiple respects.  We are making new steps towards the traditional research questions, like concentration analysis, location study, and positioning concepts.  Retail branding has stood as a focal point, since the understanding of business has still only slightly matured here.  We are currently devoting ourselves to the phenomenon of the interdependency between store brand and corporate reputation as well as within multichannel retailing.  In the foreground is internationalization, which brings forward for many businesses the novel challenges of both the now strongly competitive domestic markets as well as their own operations in new business markets.  We are taking a look at internationalization strategies, market cultivation, process and leadership in operations abroad.

In terms of  chain retail, there exists a weaker focus on research of wholesale companies, traditional commercial groups and also national and international business and marketing organizations, to the point of business relationships in the course of Global Account Management.

International Management and International Branding

Due heavily to economic globalization, today there are hardly any industries that are not internationally operative or at least affected by foreign competitors in domestic markets.  We take on these developments, both industry and topic oriented.

Of the mentioned research fields, we examine the international and culture specific impact of corporate brands as well as product brands in the consumer goods industry, what empirically results from the view of the employees and, above all, the customers in multiple countries by comparison or selective emerging countries.  A core area of international management dynamically affects the process of internationalization.  That is to say, the development of producing corporations abroad over time, namely with regard to the coordination (structure, system and culture), as well as the determinants of this development.  Similarly, we examine the switches in “Modes of Internationalization” to a “Reduction” a part of the divestments of foreign operations.

We also examine the comparative customer review to the internationalization in the service sector, as well as international and consumer-oriented value chain.


In accordance with our goals, we decided in 2005 to place all academic papers and dissertations in international conferences for discussion, in order to attain not only an international presence, but also to achieve a continuous improvement process for each paper.  We present nearly ten papers every year at top-class conferences in the field of Marketing (AMA, EMAC) and International Business (AIB, EIBA).

Dissertations from the Chair for Marketing and Retailing have been awarded at those conferences.