Dr. Jesse Erens


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Reports & other contributions

Jocque M, Booto J, Ekani J, Erens J, Jamie G, Jones S, Mbende M, Mertens J, Martin T, van Berkel T, Weber N (2021) The Malebo expedition: a biological assessment of a forest metacommunity in a savannah matrix landscape, DRC. BES report 10. Biodiversity Inventory for Conservation. Glabbeek, Belgium, 77pp.

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Popular scientific writing

De vuursalamander: een decennium van volharding na de ‘salamanderplaag’ (2023) Nature Today (co-authors: Beukema W, Stark T)

De salamanderschimmel: doorgronden en voorspellen (2021) Nature Today (co-authors: Beukema W, Spitzen-van der Sluijs A)