Mental health: Current support services

War in Ukraine, corona crisis, flood disaster, rampage. In exceptional situations like these, feelings of anxiety and stress symptoms are likely to occur. Physical symptoms such as headaches or sleep disorders are also possible.

We would therefore like to offer psychological support to students and employees of Trier University who are directly affected and feel stressed. The project consists of voluntary support services offered by trained students for people at Trier University burdened by the current exceptional situation and feeling alone with their worries and problems.

Who can use the service?

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The service is for students and employees of Trier University who: 

  • feel burdened by the current war situation.
  • are afraid to return to campus life or attend courses in person because of Corona (Beyond COVID).
  • are struggling with the effects of the flood disaster.

It can be relieving to share your concerns and receive understanding and support. It can also be helpful to hear how others are coping with similar burdens.


Beyond Covid

The counseling sessions are free of charge and without obligation. Each person who wants to use the voluntary support service is assigned to a student buddy trained and supervised by the Devision of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz). The frequency of the appointments, the setting (on-site or online), and the topics can be arranged individually and flexibly within the buddy team.

How and when can I register for the service?

Registration is now open. For an assignment to a student buddy, please provide us with possible time slots. You are also welcome to give us your phone number to make it easier to contact you. It would also help us if you briefly described what is bothering you in particular. A keyword will do.

If you would like to register or have any questions about the service, please contact Jana Bommer by e-mail (s1jabommuni-trierde) or phone (+49 651 201-4331).

What if the supply is not enough?

We are in close contact with the psychotherapy outpatient clinic of the University of Trier. In case of high stress, we enable quick access to a professional offer.

Where can I find more information about the support services?

Interview with M.Sc. Jana Schaffrath (Devision of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz) on psychological tricks for dealing with crisis situations (Article in Trierischer Volksfreund, 01.03.2022, Interviewer: Katharina De Mos)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz reports on the Beyond Covid project on CityRadio Trier and RPR1.

Interview (CityRadio)
Interview (RPR1.)

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz reports in the Trierischer Volksfreund about the Beyond Covid project (24.10.2021).

Interview with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz on psychosocial care for flood victims, possible psychological consequences of the disaster and the offer of crisis talks (Deutschlandfunk, 30.07.21, Interviewer: Katharina Peetz, from minute 11:10)

Interview with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz on the psychosocial care of flood victims and the offer of crisis talks (Article in Trierischen Volksfreund, 05.08.2021, Interviewer: Katharina De Mos)

Devision of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Wolfgang Lutz, Ph.D.