Dr. Hanno Scheerer

Staff member from 2011-2014

Hanno Scheerer studied North American History and Dutch Philology at the Free University of Berlin and the University of Vienna. He was a research fellow in the project "Settler Imperialism in North America and Australia: Modes of Governance, Micro-Events and -practices at the Frontier during the first half of the Nineteenth Century" (DFG, project number 202228375). In June 2014 he received his doctorate from the University of Trier with a thesis on "Settlers, Surveyors, Speculators: Settler Imperialism in Ohio's Virginia Military District" and was awarded the Dissertation Prize of the University of Trier. He is Managing Director of the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.


Scheerer, Hanno (2016): Civilization Fund Act (1819) : oder: race & sex und die „Zivilisierung des Indianers“, in: eine Geschichte der Neuzeit : 49 Schlüsseltexte aus vier Jahrhunderten neu gelesen. Hg. Olaf Stieglitz/ Jürgen Martschukat, Berlin: Neofelis, 345-352.

Scheerer, Hanno (2014): Settlers, Surveyors, Speculators, and the State: Struggles for Control over Land in Ohio's Virginia Military District, 1776-1810, Dissertation Universität Trier (Mikrofilm).

Scheerer, Hanno (2014): „For ten years past I have constantly wished to turn my western lands into money“: Speculator Frustration and Settlers’ Bargaining Power in Ohio's Virginia Military District, 1795-1810, in: Ohio Valley History 14:1, 3-27.