Study Program International History

Historiography, according to the Canadian historian Natalie Zemon Davis, is dialogical process. It involves “at least two persons talking, arguing, always listening to the other as they gestured at their books.”* Teaching in the International History department reflects this dialogue: joint reading and discussion of source material and research texts is key. Seminars and exercises not only impart factual and basic knowledge, but offer participants also the opportunity to pursue their own small research projects under professional guidance as often as possible ("inquiry-based learning"). The content of the courses is grounded in the main research areas of the department, such as the history of migration, colonial history, gender history, and the history of international relations.

* Natalie Zemon Davis, “History’s Two Bodies,” in: American Historical Review 93:1 (1988), p. 30.

Please find more information on our current courses on Stud.IP and Porta.


Practical Tips

We offer the option to take a written exam in proof of foreign language skills required according to the regulations of the BA/BEd and MA/MEd History study programs at Trier University in English, French and Spanish. In case the exam is part of a regular course, this is noted on PORTA and Stud.IP. For more information, please contact our administrator, Susanne Buchmeier-Zisel.

The term paper is, in addition to the written exam and the oral presentation, the most common form to achieve ECTS credits. Especially freshpeople and students new to Trier have many questions regarding the preparation of such a paper: What does a good structure look like? How do I quote correctly? Which stylistic rules should be observed? To help you with the most common questions and difficulties, the department provides a Term Paper Guide (dowload PDF) in German.

Please make sure to submit the cover sheet (dowload PDF) provided by the history department when handing in your term paper!


Supervision of Degree Theses

We will be happy to assist you with your final theses for the B.A./B.Ed. and M.A./M.Ed. degree programs as well as with PhD dissertations and post-doctoral theses. You are looking for a topic? Have a look at our main research areas for inspiration. A list of degree theses successfully completed at our unit can be found at:

Prof. Dr. Ursula Lehmkuhl - Abschlussarbeiten

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