Beziehungsweise Trier - Globalgeschichte in der Region

Principal Investigator: PD Dr. Eva Bischoff

Duration: since June 2019

In recent years, more and more historical research has demonstrated that local, regional and global processes are closely intertwined. The research blog “Beziehungsweise Trier” ( documents this entangled history by means of short posts (text & sound). These blog posts are researched, written and/or spoken by students, who are participating in one of the courses conducted by PD Dr Eva Bischoff each summer term. A good opportunity to practice scientifically sound writing for a broad audience, to gain first experiences in the field of Digital Public History and to appear in public as an author! The Blog aims at a larger German speaking audience. It is therefore written exclusively in German.

You can find the blog here: Beziehungsweise Trier - Globalgeschichte in der Region