Japan für Kinder. Perzeption und Repräsentation von Wissensbeständen über Japan in deutschsprachigen katholischen und protestantischen Kindermissionszeitschriften, 1842–1918

Principal Investigator: Stefan Dixius, MA (Trier University)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ursula Lehmkuhl

Duration: since January 2019

The dissertation analyzes the perception of Japan in 19th century German-speaking Catholic and Protestant missionary periodicals for children. Due to their far-ranging circulation and expansive readership in German-speaking Europe, missionary periodicals for children provide a rich source of research on the representation of the “other”. The representational strategies of the editors are analyzed using the example of reports on Japan. Furthermore, it will also be shown how the imparted knowledge was instrumentalized for a religious-educational agenda. To approach the overriding question what kind of knowledge about Japan was conveyed and instrumentalized, the dissertation examines three specific research approaches: The spatial-temporal level of the transfer of knowledge, the actors of the transfer of knowledge as well as the perspective of the politicization of the transfer of knowledge.