Workshop on Low-carbon regional and urban transitions and practices, 15.-17.11.2023, Trier University

Postkarte zum Workshop

The Sustainability Transitions Lab at Trier University invited early career researchers to an interdisciplinary workshop.

The event brought together early career researchers at the master, PhD and postdoc levels to discuss theoretical and empirical works in regional and local research on low-carbon transitions and practices.

The workshop provided an interdisciplinary platform for scholars from different fields as research on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies has become increasingly prominent in various scientific disciplines over the last decade. We particularly welcomed contributions engaging with alternative approaches to local, urban, and regional development, including but not restricted to climate justice and politics, post-growth and diverse economies, environmental governance, and sustainable planning.

The workshop was an open forum with interdisciplinary dialogue featuring short interventions such as elevator pitches, paper discussions with an upfront reading of the article, oral presentations, and moderated discussions. We highly encouraged applicants to present work from all stages of a project's lifecycle, from first ideas on a new project, theoretical/methodological frameworks and reflections and initial results to completed research projects.

The workshop organisers were Early Career Researchers from the Geography Department at Trier University: