Hier finden sich alle Postereinereichung zum Workshop.

Poster 1: ViRGOS - Virtual Reality Gravity Offload System
    Brückner, A., Sadri, W., Kloos, U. & Tullius, G.

Poster (PDF) - Abstract (PDF)

Poster 2: Forest SaVR - A Virtual-Reality Application to Raise Awareness of Deforestation
    Botev, J. & Viegas, A.

Poster (PDF) - Abstract (PDF)

Poster 3: Hand-Based Interaction on a Millimeter Scale in Virtual and Augmented Reality
    Dewitz, B., Geiger, C. & Steinicke,  F.

Poster (PDF) - Abstract (PDF)

Poster 4: The Next Stage of Road Traffic Education: A Mixed Reality Bicycle Simulator to Improve Cyclist Safety
    von Sawitzky, T., Grauschopf, T. & Riener,  A.

Poster (PDF) - Abstract (PDF)