Governance & Sustainability Lab - Nachhaltige räumliche Entwicklung und Governance


The Governance & Sustainability Lab is the working group attached to Antje Bruns who is a Professor for Sustainable Development and Governance in the Geography Department at Trier University.

As a Lab, we are committed to collaborative, critical and heterodox scholarship on the governance of nature-society relations. We are interested how societies transform nature and what leverage points can be identified for sustainability shifts. We look into urban dynamics (although not exclusively) and the ways resources (e.g. water or energy) are governed. In particular, we like to expore the relations between the political and the spatial/material.

Starting point and context for our research is that we see nature and culture as intertwined and inseperable: Socio-Natures exist of the material world and the practices that constitute them. Being inspired by (urban) Political Ecology and STS we study how power and knowledge plays out in (urban/environmental) governance. 

In terms of ongoing projects, we study the urban through the lens of water in Accra, the politics of energyscapes in British Columbia and Iran, colonial mentalitites in London and processes of infrastructuring that are crafting the Anthropocene.