Governance & Sustainability Lab - Nachhaltige räumliche Entwicklung und Governance

The Governance & Sustainability Lab is the working group attached to the chair "Nachhaltige räumliche Entwicklung und Governance". We are committed to collaborative undisciplined and critical sustainability science.

The lab takes up the challenge of exploring policies and governance mechanisms to cope with socio-ecological change and to steer development towards sustainability. Emerging governance forms, that strive for more legitimate and just ways to govern and arrange socio-natural relationships are of particular interest for us.

The context for our research is the intertwinement and inseparability of nature and society, as we study for instance hydro-social arrangements or energy-scapes. Scholarship from (urban) Political Ecology offers interesting perspectives to study environmental governance which is related to power. Currently there is a major research project on urban waterscapes ongoing ( in which we study how the flow of water through the city is shaped and how this then reproduces inequalities within the city. 

In teaching and education we provide a comprehensive training in political ecology, sustainability and environmental governance in undergraduate courses.

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