The Governance & Sustainability Lab aims to contribute to current debates on society-nature relations by mapping and analyzing processes that unfold in the urban sphere. Of particular interest is how society-nature dynamics are shaped by and through governance. We like to examine how transformations actually happen - what is the role governance, social movements and practises of resistance play for sustainable pathways?

Prof. Dr. Antje Bruns (Chairholder)
Antje's research for the past few years has been on environmental governance in coastal zones and coastal cities. Her current research is in the field of “sustainability science” and bridges human geography and natural science perspectives. Antje highly committed to interdisciplinary work – therefore she works with scholars from different disciplines in the team. Our mutual and integrative starting point is the interest in political ecology and urban studies. We like to rethink – seemingly given – ordering concepts like scale, space, urban vs. rural or North vs South. Antje is a trained geographer (PhD Kiel, Diploma Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin). 

Contact: | +49 (0)651/201-4550 | Room F177

Christin Weil M.A. (Assistant)
Christin manages the administrative office and takes care of the organizational processes of the department. She is also responsible for answering student questions. Beside that, she is the first contact point for everybody who needs information, certificates or appointments related to the department. +49 (0)651/201-4551 | Room F176

Dr. Jennifer Gerend (Postdoc Researcher)
Jennifer Gerend is a post doc researcher and instructor. Most recently a faculty member at The Evergreen State College, she has also worked for American and German municipal governments on urban development. Interests: urban planning, governance, infrastructure, economic geography.
gerenduni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4730 | Room F178

M.A. Conrad Siebert (Doctoral Researcher)
Conrad is a regional scientist with an interdisciplinary background in Regional Development Studies, Communication Sciences and Scandinavian Studies. He is particularly interested in investigating the production of space through the lens of communication theory.
siebertuni-trierde |+49 (0)651/201-4637 | Room F179

M.Sc. Viviana Wiegleb (Doctoral Researcher)
Viviana focuses on the co-evoluton of science, politics and society in environmental governance processes. She is especially interested in knowledge-to-action arrangements for sustainability. Viviana holds a Master’s degree in Physical Geography from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
wieglebuni-trierde |+49 (0)651/201-4637 | Room F179    



Members Project WaterPower

Anja Hasselberg, M.A. (Project Manager)
Anja is a geographer trained at Trier University, where she spent six years working in the department of Economic and Social Geography as a research assistant and lecturer. Since 10/2015 she manages the diverse and dynamic WaterPower team. | +49 (0)651/201-4625 | Room H332

Dr. Ravi Baghel (Postdoc Researcher)
Ravi has a Ph.D. in Geography from Heidelberg University. With a thematic focus on the role of knowledge / power in mediating human-environmental relations, he has previously conducted research on large dams in India, militarisation of glaciers in the Karakoram and artificial glaciers in Ladakh.   
bagheluni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4011 | Room H345

Dr. Karsten Schulz (PostDoc Researcher)
Karsten is a political scientist and recently completed his PhD thesis in development geography at the University of Bonn. His primary research interests are political ecology and changing nature-culture relations. He has previously worked as a public servant and development policy consultant.
 | +49 (0)651/201-4176 | Room H333

M.Phil. John Edem Akubia (Doctoral Researcher)
John is a PhD candidate within WaterPower. He is a geographer and an environmetal scientist by training from University of Ghana. His current research study focuses on implications of coastal urbanization and land-use change dynamics on urban water management in Accra, Ghana. | +49 (0)651/201-4011 | Room H345

M.Sc. Rossella Alba (Doctoral Researcher)
Rossella is a PhD candidate focusing on the politics of infrastructure development and water governance in Accra metropolitan area. She holds a post-graduate degree in International Land and Water Management from Wageningen University and has research experience in Ghana, Ethiopia and Mozambique. | +49 (0)651/201-4318 | Room H342

M.Sc. Lara Bartels (Doctoral Researcher)
Lara is a doctoral researcher focusing on access to land and water in rapidly urbanizing villages at the fringe of Accra, Ghana. Trained as a sociologist in Bielefeld, Lara completed her M.Sc. degree in Social-and Human Ecology at the Institute of Social Ecology in Vienna.
 | +49 (0)651/201-4317 | Room H342

M.Sc. Maria Kondra (Doctoral Researcher)
Maria holds a post-graduate degree in environmental sciences from Stockholm University. Within her PhD-project she focuses on political ecology of urban wetlands from the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area. Previously, she worked as a consultant for the UNU in the KAZUZ and DELTAS project.  
kondrauni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4176 | Room H333

External PhD Candidates (scholarship holders)

M.Sc. Fanny Frick (Doctoral Researcher)
Fanny is a doctoral researcher affiliated to WaterPower. Her main research interests are urban disaster risk management, adaptation to global environmental change in urban coastal regions, and cross-scale interactions in environmental governance. Fanny's doctorate is funded by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.   

M.Sc. Sara Larijani (Doctoral Researcher)
Sara graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Tehran University in Iran and holds a Master degree in Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning from HafenCity University, Hamburg in which her focus was water-related issues in urban areas. She currently works on a self-defined project on the Karun River in Iran.

M.Sc. Nazmul Huq (Doctoral Researcher)
Nazmul is based at University of Applied Sciences in Cologne at the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT). In his doctoral thesis (Trier University) he studies the role of the water-ecosystem-livelihood nexus for climate change resilience in southern Bangladesh.

Student Assistants

Lorenz Boßmann
Lorenz is studying political science and geography (B.A.) at Trier University since 2013. He is interested in public policy regarding the sustainable development of cities and their energy and mobility requirements. 
s3lobossuni-trierde  | +49 (0)651/201-4610 Room F134

Jonas Flöck
Jonas is studying human geography (B.Sc.) at Trier University since 10/2015. He is interested in Global Change processes, infrastructural plannings and sustainability.
s6jofloeuni-trierde  | +49 (0)651/201-4468 | Room F134

Jonathan Hassel 
Jonathan is studying human geography (B.Sc.) at Trier University since 10/2015. He is interested in urban development, resource managment and sustainability.
s6johassuni-trierde  | +49 (0)651/201-4468 | Room F134

Lennart Kerl 
Lennart is studying human geography (B.Sc.) at Trier University since 10/2015. He is interested in social dimensions of resource goverance. 
s6lekerluni-trierde  | +49 (0)651/201-4468 Room F134

Christel Weable  
Christel is a Geoscientist (B.Sc.) trained at WWU Münster. Now she is studying for her Master’s degree in Environmental Science at Trier University. Her main focus was research in water quality research assessments.
s6chweabuni-trierde | +49 (0)651/201-4610 | Room F134

Contract Lecturer

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Dietze | +49 (0)651/201-4534 | Room F175a