Interdisciplinary Workshop Sexual Exceptionalism/Ethnosexism

13 June 2018, 10-18 h - Room: H6 (Campus 2) 


The workshop deals with the discussion on sexism and racism, which has been constantly updated in the recent past. The moral panic that arose around the sexual assaults of young 'fugitives' and migrants on New Year's Eve 2015/16 prompted the development of the category 'ethnosexism' in order to grasp an escalating conceptualisation of migration as a 'sexual problem'. This works with the defensive figures of the 'sexually oppressed Muslim woman' and the 'sexually dangerous Muslim refugee'. In return, western narratives of superiority are to be dealt with, which supposedly have the best of all forms of government (democracy), the best of all rationalities (secularity) and a highly advanced sexual regime (self-determination). Special attention is to be paid to the feminism of mainstream feminism and the function of sexuality in neoliberal discourses of freedom. The working language is German. The workshop is free of charge.

Target audience

Students (MA and MEd), PhD students at the University of Trier. Students of the universities of the UniGR were expressly invited to participate. Child care was organised if required.



Was possible until 30 April 2018 via buchmeiuni-trierde (Secretariat International History, University of Trier).