Howon Rhee, M.Sc.


Universität Trier
Fachbereich VI, Raum- und Umweltwissenschaften
Campus I, Gebäude N
Universitätsring 15
54296 Trier

Raum: 212

Tel: +49 (0)651-201-3718


The effects of wildfires on population trends and genetic diversity of the Madeiran Green Bush-Cricket (Psalmatophanes barretoi)

Description: The aim of this PhD project is to discover reasons of the population decline of the Madeiran Green Bush-Cricket (Psalmatophanes barretoi), which is an endemic species to Madeira. In order to discover the reasons, I will examine some causes of the population decline from several environmental effects (especially fires), and biology of the species in perspective of population ecology, evolutionary biology, and behavioural ecology. The results of this project will help to update the IUCN Red List assessment. Furthermore, the information will be useful to set up conservation actions for the species.

More detail about my project: