About us

LODinG (Linked Open Data in den Geisteswissenschaften) is a research project funded by Forschungsinitiative Rheinland-Pfalz 2024-2028. The project has been initiated by a group of researchers at Trier University and coordinated by the Trier Center for Digital Humanities. LODinG consists of 7 research areas and one infrastrucutral project.

Research Areas & Objectives

LODinG is dedicated to the application of Linked Open Data (LOD) in the humanities, with a focus on linguistics, literature, cultural studies, and media studies. The main intention is to collect, model, link, and make freely available information in a machine-readable, standardized form. The goals of the project include unlocking the potential of LOD for innovative research in the humanities, consolidating and strengthening LOD expertise at the University of Trier, and establishing LOD as a sustainable research paradigm.

The research program spans various areas of the humanities, including digital lexicography, editorial studies, digital humanities, sinology, and legal studies. The sub-projects address specific applications of LOD, from the indexing of pandemic vocabulary to the editorial indexing of early modern literature, and the extraction of semantic statements from humanities literature.