Vortrag zu Nostalgie und Mutterschaft in japanischen TV-Serien

Das Fach Japanologie und das Zentrum für Ostasien-Pazifik-Studien (ZOPS) laden ein zum Vortrag von

(Cardiff University)

zum Thema

Goin' Home? Nostalgia and Motherhood in Japanese TV Drama

Der Vortrag findet statt am 15. Januar 2020 (Mittwoch) ab 18 Uhr (s.t.) in Raum B 14



"Traumatic events or crises have been known to produce expressions of collective nostalgia, as people yearn for a glorified past in times of hardship. Following the Tōhoku triple disaster in 2011, the desire for deeper social connections evoked images of an idealised, rural Japan of yesteryear that appreciated the importance of strong community ties. The concept of furusato – a term denoting one’s ancestral or native home – was invoked as a symbol of the destruction of nature, the lost homes and lost families. Furusato as a nostalgic representation of childhood has become synonymous with an idealised image of motherhood. Both furusato and ‘Mother’ are associated with love, nurturance and a sense of belonging; like furusato, ‘Mother’ is also mourned as a casualty of industrialisation. Paradoxically, such nostalgic conceptions of furusato and ‘Mother’ are relatively recent inventions produced in response to anxieties over the social changes Japan has experienced during its rapid modernisation. However, nostalgic representations are not invariably sweet reminiscences. In this presentation, I discuss how nostalgic narratives of furusato and motherhood are both reproduced and contested in television drama following the triple disaster."