Behavioral labs

Cabin lab
  • for conducting computer-based experiments on attention, perception, and action control
  • from the reaction times and error rates of the subjects, we draw conclusions about the underlying, basic cognitive mechanisms

Lab equipment:

  • two behavioral laboratories, each consisting of three soundproofed experimental cabins
  • each experimental cabin (sound insulation Dn, w 42 dB, internal dimensions in cm L 160 x W 100 x H 205) with noiseless, electrical supply air (30-60m³/ h) is equipped with one identical computer workstation (Intel Core i3-2120 3.30GHz, 2x2 GB RAM, 2x500 GB HDD) and 16: 9 TFT monitor, which is digitally connected to the computer
  • Experimental control software is mainly EPrime 2.0, but other software can be executed, too
  • each cabin has a Serial Response Box (Psychology Software Tools, Inc.), foot pedals, a voice key, and a joystick
  • if required, a closed headset and a height-adjustable aluminium head-chin rest can be installed in each cabin