KI 2013 - 36th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence

From Research to Innovation and Practical Applications

Website: http://ki2013.uni-trier.de/

Koblenz, Germany, September 16-20, 2013

About the Main Conference

KI 2013 is the 36th edition of the German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, which traditionally brings together academic and industrial researchers from all areas of AI. The technical program of KI 2013 will comprise paper and poster presentations and a variety of workshops and tutorials.

KI 2013 will take place in Koblenz, Germany, September 16th-20th, 2013, and is a premier forum for exchanging news and research results on theory and applications of intelligent system technology. The conference is organized by the Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence of the German Informatics Society. KI 2013 is co-located with Informatik 2013 (Annual Conference of the German Informatics Society), the 11th MATES 2013 (German Conference on Multi-Agent System Technologies), and the 4th JAWS (Joint Agent Workshops in Synergy).
The conference invites original research papers from all areas of AI, its fundamentals, its algorithms, its history and its applications.

The proceedings are available as Springer LNAI 8077:

Timm, I.J.; Thimm, KI 2013: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013

MATES 2012 - 10th German Conference on Multiagent System Technologies

Research and Innovation for a Smarter Society

20 Year Anniversary of German Special Interest Group on Distributed Artificial Intelligence (GI-FG VKI)

Website: http://mates2012.uni-trier.de/

Trier - Germany, October, 10th-12th, 2012

Videos of the MATES Invited Speakers

Dr. Jeffrey M. Bradshaw

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kirn

Aims and Scopes

The German conference on Multi-Agent system TechnologieS (MATES) provides an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, users (members of business and industry) and developers of intelligent agents and multi-agent systems. The thematic focus of this MATES 2012 is on technologies that enable societies and organisations to be more resilient, inter-connected and collaborative. The conference investigates technologies for truly open distributed systems --- covering a wide spectrum of approaches from self-organization and autonomous systems to agreement computing. Advances in research work, as well as prototyped or fielded systems of intelligent agents will be presented and discussed. The conference covers the whole range from theory to application of agent- and multi-agent technologies in order to promote theory and application of agents and multi-agent systems. The conference features an exhibition of practical applications with an advanced concept of agency. Integral part of the technical program will be an exhibition of a variety of tools for the development, and prototypes of all kinds of practical applications of agent and multiagent technology at the conference venue. The conference will also host a doctoral consortium.

For the tenth time the German special interest group on Distributed Artificial Intelligence jointly with the steering committee of MATES organizes this international conference in order to promote theory and application of agents and multi-agent systems. Building on the sequence of agent-related events in Germany in the past such as VDI 1998 (Chemnitz), VertIS 2001 (Bamberg), and KI 2002 (Aachen), the MATES conference series (from 2003 to 2011) now is exclusively devoted to agents and multi-agent systems, and the cross-fertilization between agent theory and application. This year is also the 20th year of the German special inerest group on Distributed Artificial Intelligence - another reason for an inspiring conference on agents! The conference language is English.

Salve - welcome to Trier! The conference takes place in Germany's oldest city - close to Saarbrücken, Frankfurt/Main and Luxemburg as well as the well-known Leibniz Center for Informatics (Schloss Dagstuhl).

The MATES series has been ranked by the Computing Research & Education initiative as a CORE B conference. The proceedings will be published as Springer LNCS #7598:

Timm, Ingo J., Guttmann, Christian (Eds.): Multiagent System Technologies, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2012