Dr. Daniel Zielasko

Room H 442
Telephone: +49 (0)651 201-3201
Email: zielasko[at]uni-trier.de


Short Bio

Daniel is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the HCI Group at the University of Trier. He received his Ph.D. in 2020 at the Virtual Reality and Immersive Visualization group at RWTH Aachen University for studying desk-based Virtual Reality. He received his Master's degree in Computer Science in 2013 at RWTH Aachen University.

He focuses on the integration of VR technologies into existing professional workflows and collaborates with neuroscientists, archaeologists and psychologists in various interdisciplinary projects such as the EU Flagship Project "The Human Brain Project (HBP)" and the SMHB (Supercomputing and Modeling for the Human Brain). His special interest is the prevention of cybersickness and the development of convincing and innovative 3D user interfaces.