Visiting Professors 2024

A picture of Dr. Adam Muller. He is wearing a blue sweater and a checkered red-white button-up shirt underneath. He has a gray beard and gray hair and is wearing big glasses. He is slightly smiling. In the background is a window and you can see trees and snow.
Prof. Dr. Adam Muller
 A picture of Emily Muller. She is standing in a rustic kitchen and is wearing a red apron with a grey cardigan. She is slightly turned to the camera and smiling. She is wearing a rust-coloured beanie.
Emily Muller

The Centre for Canadian Studies was delighted to welcome Prof. Dr. Adam Muller and his wife, Emily Muller, to the University of Trier in March and April 2024.

Dr. Adam Muller is the Director of the Peace and Conflict Studies graduate programs at the University of Manitoba, Canada, as well as the Acting Director of the Mauro Institute for Peace and Justice. He is a founding member of the Global Consortium On Bigotry and Hate, and he co-edits the journal Genocide Studies International.  He helped to create and was the Inaugural Acting Director of the U of M’s Master of Human Rights (MHR) Program, Canada’s first interdisciplinary human rights graduate program.  He researches and teaches on the artistic representation of genocide, war, and human rights.  He has published widely on topics relating to genocide, digital memory, museums, human rights, representations of war and atrocity, literary and cultural theory, media and cultural studies, and philosophical ethics and aesthetics. Dr. Muller co-directs the Embodying Empathy project, which gathers together survivors, scholars, and private-sector tech professionals to create an immersive Canadian Indian Residential School in Virtual Reality.


Emily Muller is a philosophical counsellor operating LifeWise, a private practice in downtown Winnipeg. She is a doctoral student in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba, working on peace education and critical conversations. She has worked closely with the Manitoba High School Ethics Bowl and is involved with the Manitoba Association of Rights and Liberties and the U of M’s Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics. She currently serves as chair of Ethics Bowl Canada’s case writing committee. She is also working to grow, support, and connect university-level Ethics Bowl projects across Canada.