ZKS Schriftenreihe - Band 10

Giving Voice: German and Canadian Perspectives.
Hans Braun, Wolfgang Klooss (Hrsg.).
Idstein/Taunus: Schulz-Kirchner Verlag, 2001.


It is common understanding that the thematization of phenomena which otherwise would remain in the obscure is one of the many functions attributed to the humanities and the social sciences as well as to literature and the fine arts. In this way, both academic and artistic discourse obtain the role to side with people who usually lack an audience and thus have no opportunity to arcticulate their concerns. This is what nowadays is called "giving voice".

At the same time, it needs to be acknowledged that not all groups in society have equal opportunity to find somebody who will speak on their behalf. Furthermore, "giving voice" might easily turn into "appropriating voice". Finally, the true and hidden motivations of those "giving voice" are not always clear, since there are not only "political entrepreneurs", but also scientific and culturual "entrepreneurs". These and similar issues are discussed in this interdisciplinary volume.