In order to strengthen the scholarly and cultural relations between Canada and Germany, the Centre for Canadian Studies has a multi-disciplinary focus. The research activities include a wide range of academic topics, amongst them the anglocanadian literature, the francocanadian language, the history and geography of the country as well as the social, economic and political developments. Currently, some 20 scholars are engaged in the Canadian Studies Centre at Trier University:

  • Prof. em. Dr. Hans Braun (Sociology)
  • Dr. Britta Colligs (English Studies)
  • Prof. Dr. Alex Demeulenaere (Romance Studies)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Endreß (Sociology)
  • Dr. phil. Christine Felbeck (Romance Studies)
  • Prof. Dr. Ralf Hertel (English Studies)
  • Prof. em. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß (English Studies)
  • Prof. Dr. Ursula Lehmkuhl (History)
  • Dr. phil. Markus M. Müller (English Studies)
  • Prof. em. Dr. Norbert Platz (English Studies)
  • JProf. Dr. Nele Sawallisch (English Studies)

Associated scholars:

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Gestrich (The German Historical Institute London)
  • Dr. phil. Peter Klaus (Free University Berlin)

Research Projects



Eberz, Mira: Québec: Joual, eine Sprachdiskussion ohne Ende? (Dissertation, Prof. Bagola)

Hatef-Rossa, Giti: Representations of Disability in Children's Television Programmes: A Critical Analysis (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Christoph Vatter / Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Bucher)

Schira, Thomas: Imagining Alterity: The Historicity and Transformation of Knowledge in John Jewitt’s Captivity Narrative(1807-2015) (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Ursula Lehmkuhl / Prof. Lianne Moyes, PhD)

Stoffel, Michelle: "Federkriege" im Emanzipationsdiskurs. Stimmen jüdischer und christlicher Autoren über die rechtlichen Daseinsbedingungen der Juden in den deutschen Staaten (1781 – 1848) (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Ursula Lehmkuhl / Prof. Dr. Stephan Laux)

Weinand, Anna: The Child as 'Generational Other': Narratives of Childhood Practices and Children's (Self-)Positioning During Times of Crisis in Canadian Literature (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Folke Gernert)

Yokmaç, Zeynep: Turkish Migrants as Urban Scale Makers in Transcultural Cities (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Michael Schönhuth / Prof. Valérie Amiraux, PhD)




Beaulieu, Marie-Eve: Settler Shifts? A Manitoba Public School’s Changing Perspectives on an Anishinaabe Community (Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Stefan Köngeter)

Enning, Annika: National Role and International Engagement: A Comparative Study of Canada’s Terms at the United Nations Security Council  1977-78, 1989-80, 1999-00 (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Manuel Fröhlich / Prof. Laurence McFalls, PhD)

Fritzenkötter, Stephanie: Das akadische Französisch an der Baie Sainte- Marie/Neuschottland/Kanada: Ausgewählte soziolinguistische, morphosyntaktische und lexikalische Aspekte in einem jugendsprachlichen Korpus. (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Beatrice Bagola; Awards: Best Doctoral Thesis in Canadian Studies/Prix de la meilleure thèse de doctorat en études canadiennes des ICCS/CIEC & Förderpreis des Freundeskreis Trierer Universität)

Krampe, Christian J.: The Past is Present: Constructing Collective Memory in African-Canadian Literature. (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß)

Linetsky, Anna: Diasporic Destinations and Gender Relations: The Construction of Jewish Identities in Contemporary British and Canadian Narratives in English. (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Hilary Duffield)

Thiesen, Diana: An Intersectional Reading of Contemporary Chinese Canadian Fiction (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Ralf Hertel / Prof. Lianne Moyes, PhD )

Weiland, Linda: Create me everywhere / Dark spaces - C.G. Jungs Individuations- und Archetypenlehre im Werk Gwendolyn MacEwens. (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Gerd Hurm)

Wurr, Julia: From Tahrir to Terror: (Neo-)Orientalism in European and North American Fiction since the ‘Arab Spring’. (Dissertation, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß)


MA Theses

Baray, Ariana: The Depiction of Otherness in George Best’s “A True Discourse of the Late Voyages of Discouerie” (Master of Education, Prof. Dr. Ralf Hertel)

Bollig, Barbara: Transcultural Appropriations of the Medea Myth: Jackie Crossland's Collateral Damage, Wesley Enoch’s Black Medea, Cherrie Moraga’s The Hungry Woman and Dea Loher’s Manhattan Medea. (MA Thesis, Prof. Dr. Ralf Hertel)

Klein, Anne Pia: Inszenierte Werbekommunikation und Aspekte sprachlicher Identität am Beispiel von YouTube-Videos im Rahmen des Hochschulmarketings frankophoner kanadischer Hochschulen. (MA Thesis, Prof. Dr. Beatrice Bagola)

Petry, Anna Anh: Sweet and Ours – Food and Identity in East and Southeast Asian Diaspora Novels (MA Thesis, Master of Education, Prof. Dr. Ralf Hertel / JunProf. Dr. Nele Sawallisch)

Rehl, Jana: Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam Trilogy – A Social Dystopia. (MA Thesis, Prof. Dr. Ralf Hertel)

Winter, Marie: The Roles of Books in Michael Ondaatje’s “The English Patient” (Master of Education, Prof. Dr. Ralf Hertel)


BA Thesis 

Krings, Hannah: Female Power in Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’: A Comparison between the Depictions of Offred’s Resistance and Feminist Stance in Book and TV Series (BA Thesis, Prof. Dr. Ralf Hertel / Dr. Eva-Maria Windberger)


Magisterarbeit / Staatsexamensarbeit

Baumgarten, Silke: Selves in Flux: (Native) Identity in Thomas King's Medicine River and Truth and Bright Water. (Staatsexamensarbeit, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß)

Coffey, Jacqueline: Canadian Views on Slavery: Social and Literary Reflections.(Staatsexamensarbeit, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß)

Koböck, Kathrin: Space, Place and the Question of Home in Frederick Philip Grove's Settlers of the Marsh (1925), Margaret Laurence's The Stone Angel (1964) and Carol Shield's The Republic of Love (1992). (MA Thesis/ Magisterarbeit, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß)

Krizanovic, Andelka: Familienmythos und Erinnerung. Eine vergleichende Studie von Michael Ondaatjes Running in the Family, Bharati Mukherjees Desirable Daughters und Alistair MacLeods No Great Mischief. (MA Thesis/ Magisterarbeit, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß)

Petry, Julia: Ravens, Spiders and Foxes in Disguise. Trickster figures in Contemporary Canadian Fiction (MA Thesis/ Magisterarbeit, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß)

Rehl, Kristine: Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale: A Feminist Dystopia. (Staatsexamensarbeit, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klooß)

Thiesen, Diana: Transkulturalismus in Hiromi Gotos Chorus of Mushrooms und Wayson Choys The Jade Peony. (MA Thesis/ Magisterarbeit, Prof. Dr. Ralf Hertel)