Centre for Canadian Studies

Welcome to the website of the Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Trier!

The Centre for Canadian Studies (ZKS) is one of the central institutions at the University of Trier. The ZKS has as its objectives to support interdisciplinary research and teaching in Canadian Studies, to promote scholarly Canadian Studies, and to strengthen the scholarly and cultural relations between Canada and the German-speaking countries.

On our website, we provide information about the Centre, news of current activities and teaching (particularly in connection with the Certificate 'Canadian Studies'), different archives, and much more.

Certificate of Canadian Studies

Certificate 'Canadian Studies': Information can be found here.

Courses Summer Term 2024

Courses for the upcoming summer term 2024: Information can be found here

Summer Term 2024 Referent	Veranstaltung Müller	 Native North American Literature   LIT 401 Seminar -  2 Std., 2 Gruppen:  Gruppe 1: Mo 10-12, A 7  Gruppe 2: Mo 14-16, A 12  Müller	 Michael Ondaatje: Pomo/Poco Narratives of Loss & Retrieval  MA- Seminar, LIT 801 / ELM 301 / ELM 302 / NAS 301 / NAS 302 / NAS 402, 2 Std., 2 Gruppen:  Gruppe 1: Di 12-14, B 19  Gruppe 2: Do 8-10, B 18  Müller	 Basic Survey of Canadian Literature and Culture   4. Sem., BA-Studierende  LIT 402V, Vorlesung - 2 Std., Do 12-14, P 12  Karstens	 Nordamerika (ca. 1500-1800)  Vorlesung - 2 Std., Do 14-16, HS 8   Felbeck	 Einführung in die französische und frankophone Literaturwissenschaft  BA-Seminar - 2 Std., Mi 8-10, B 211  Merk	 Einführung in die französische und frankophone Sprachwissenschaft  BA-Seminar - 2 Std., Di 12-14, A 11  Klump	 Vom franzischen Dialekt zur Weltsprache Französisch  Seminar - 2 Std., Mi 8-10, B 111  Klump	 Aktuelle Sprachdiskussionen in der frankophonen Welt   MA-Seminar - 2 Std., Do 8-10, B 111  Bélisle-Wolf	 Francophonies en Amérique du Nord: Le Québec, l’Acadie et la Louisiane  MA-Übung - 2 Std., Di 14-16, D 338