ZKS Schriftenreihe - Band 4

Postmodernization? A Comparative
View of Canada and Europe.
Hans Braun, Wolfgang Klooss (Hrsg.).
Kiel: l&f Verlag, 1995.



Apart from the fact that postmodernism has had a major impact on the development of contemporary architecture, the fine arts and literature, it has also become an instructive force in areas such as history or the social sciences and has even inspired certain forms of higher education. On the other hand, it remains to be seen yet whether postmodernism will also lead towards a postmodernization of social practices similar to the modernization of society after modernism has become an ideé directrice during the early decades of this century. This is one of the essential questions discussed in this volume by Canadian and German scholars who work in disciplines such as Business Administration, Economics, History, Literature, Philosphy, and Political Science.






Stella Hryniuk
Multiculturalism and Its Critics


Gabriele Johne, Susanne Wienecke
Social Policy in a Postmodern Age: The Examples of Canada and Germany


Derek Hum
The Impossibility of a Postmodern Economics


Gerald Friesen, Royden Loewen
Romanticism, Pluralism, Postmodernism: The Ethnic Historiography of Prairie Canada


Peter Bailey
Modernisation and Sexuality: The Case of the Victorian Barmaid


Hélène Destrempes
Between Folklorisation and Postmodernism: Teaching Canadian Studies in Europe


Fred Stambrook
The Postmodern University, or: Beware, the Philistines Are at the Gates


Eric Annandale
Post-Modern or Traditional? Gilles Valais, a Manitoba Novelist


Dawne McCance
Postmodernism Has Not Yet Arrived