Forschung - Governance & Sustainability Lab

The Governance & Sustainability Lab takes up the challenge of exploring political solutions and novel, more effective governance mechanisms to cope with the current ecological transitions and to steer global development towards sustainability.

Empirically we study how politics and power shape practises of resource and land use. Conceptually we find infrastructures as socio-technical systems particularly relevant in transforming societal relationships to nature. 

Currently there is a major research project on urban waterscapes ongoing ( Please see also the announcements of conferences and workshops as well as our recent publications and conference talks. 

Research in the field of Governance and Sustainability Transitions

WaterPower Research Group

WaterPower is a laboratory for experimenting novel ways of doing research based on the integration of multiple disciplines, approaches, methods and non-academic knowledge through dialogue and collaboration. We contribute to current debates on society-nature relations by mapping, analysing and understanding processes that unfold in the urban water sphere. Our analysis critically study the interplay of social, ecological, socio-economic, techno-managerial and political processes and how they play out in place and scale.

WaterPower is funded by the BMBF (2014-2018)

Website WaterPower

Watch the short animated graphic on the water issues of Accra:





Im Folgenden sehen Sie eine Übersicht über vergangene Forschungsvorhaben von Prof. Dr. H. Monheim

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Veränderungen von Bevölkerungsdichte und -zusammensetzung und ihre Wirkungen auf Siedlungs- und Verkehrsstrukturen („Entleerungsräume“) (BBR)

Zukunftspotentiale der Saarbahn (Saarland)

Reaktivierungspotentiale der St.-Floriani-Bahn (Stadt Linz, Österreich)

Stadtentwicklung, Verkehrsentwicklung und Slum Development in Nairobi (Kenya)

Demographischer Wandel und seine Folgen auf die Siedlungs- und Verkehrsentwicklung (BMI)

Umwelthandbuch Luxemburg (Fonds Ecolocique)