Psychological Research Methods

Prof. Dr. Michael Bosnjak is head of the Department of Psychological Research Methods. His research interests include: Research synthesis methods, AI-based inference methods, survey methodology, open science, and consumer/business psychology.

Professor Bosnjak is Editor-in-Chief of Zeitschrift für Psychologie, the oldest Psychology journal in Europe (founded in 1890 by Hermann Ebbinghaus and Arthur König).

From July 2017 until December 2021, he was Director of the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID) in Trier, Germany. In 2022, he was delegated to Robert Koch Institute in Berlin (Germany) as Scientific Director and Department Head (Epidemiology and Health Monitoring).

Before joining the University of Trier in 2017, he was team leader for the area Survey Operations at GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences in Mannheim, Germany, and Full Professor for Evidence-Based Survey Methodology at the University of Mannheim, School of Social Sciences. Between 2013 and 2016, he was the founding team leader of the GESIS Panel, a probabilistic mixed-mode omnibus panel for the social sciences.

Previously, he held positions as an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy (2008-2015), as an Assistant Professor of Consumer Psychology and Research Methods at the University of Mannheim, Germany (2003-2008), as a research associate at ZUMA, the Center for Survey Research and Methodology in Mannheim (1998-2003), and as a graduate research assistant at the University of Heidelberg (1997-1998).

Prof. Dr. Michael Bosnjak received his master degree (German: Diplom) in Psychology from the University of Freiburg (Germany) in 1997 with a thesis on Internet-based studies in Psychology. He earned a Ph.D. in Psychology with a dissertation on ´Nonresponse in Web Surveys´ (2002, summa cum laude, University of Mannheim), and is holding his ´venia legendi´ for Psychology since 2007 (University of Mannheim).

In June 2013, he was awarded a Honorary Professorship at the University of Mannheim, School of Social Sciences, and in December 2013, he was awarded the Italian National Habilitation for Management (Full Professor level).



Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium - Emerging Topics 2023 (CBTS-ET 2023)

We are thrilled to announce the preliminary program for the Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium - Emerging Topics 2023. Register now to explore the future of the tourism and hospitality industry and discover the trends that will shape the years to come. 

Preliminary program




Terri Deocampo Pigott, Larry Hedges, Christina Bergmann, Wolfgang Viechtbauer and Michael Bosnjak in Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 2019
Terri Deocampo Pigott, Larry Hedges, Christina Bergmann, Wolfgang Viechtbauer and Michael Bosnjak in Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 2019.

Department information

Research and teaching interests
  • Research synthesis methods
  • AI-based inference methods
  • Survey methodology
  • Open science
  • Consumer/business psychology
  • Google Scholar 
Current courses - winter term 2023/24
11401043 - B3 Recherche und Datenanalyse – Di, 16 - 18, B 121 (PC-Pool)
11401126 - C2 Empiriepraktikum – Di, 18 - 20, D 031
11400888 - FOV - "Reliability generalization meta-analyses in Management/Industrial/Organizational Psychology" – Mi, 10 - 14
Bachelor- und Masterkolloquium – Mi, 14 - 16, D 033
Courses summer term 2024

11401133 - C3 Wissenschaftliche Projektarbeit – Do, 10 - 12
11401177 - 1b Vertiefung Multivariate Verfahren – 1. PG: Mi, 10-12; 2. PG: Do, 14 - 16
Bachelor- und Masterkolloquium – Di, 16 - 18

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HeadProf. Dr. Michael BosnjakD 134201-2705
SecretaryAnette Weidler

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Scientific StaffJulian ScherhagD 131201-2875
EmeritusUniv.-Prof. em. Dr. Günter Krampen
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EmeritusUniv.-Prof. em. Dr. Leo Montada -201-2052
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Prof. Dr. Michael Bosnjak
Department of Psychology
University of Trier
54286 Trier / Germany