Welcome to the Department of Psychological Research Methods

Prof. Dr. Michael Bosnjak is head of the Department of Psychological Research Methods.

In 2022, Prof. Bosnjak was seconded to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and headed the Department of Epidemiology and Health Monitoring as Scientific Director.

Until December 31, 2021, he was director of the Leibniz Institute of Psychology (ZPID - Leibniz Institute).


Department information

Research and teaching interests
  • Research syntheses and meta-analysesSurvey methodology.
  • Methodological applications in market and advertising psychology
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Current courses

11401126 - C2 - Empiriepraktikum – Mi, 14-18, D 034
11400956 - B2 - Mutlitvariate Verfahren – Do, 16-20, D 031
jeweils ab 2. Semesterhälfte ab Januar 2023


Department Members

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HeadProf. Dr. Michael BosnjakD 134201-2705
SecretaryAnette Weidler

D 133


Scientific StaffNND 135201-2738
Scientific StaffNND 131 
EmeritusUniv.-Prof. em. Dr. Günter Krampen
Dipl.-Psych., PsychTh
D 15201-2967
EmeritusUniv.-Prof. em. Dr. Leo Montada -201-2052
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Prof. Dr. Michael Bosnjak
Department of Psychology
University of Trier
54286 Trier / Germany