Grants and Awards

Approval of permanent funding for an extension of the GESIS service and research portfolio (integrated data collection infrastructure, IEDI; BMBF Sondertatbestand) Role: Member of the GESIS core proposal development and project implementation group

2014 - 2017:
DFG SFB 884, Evaluating political reforms using surveys (A08*)Role: Co-applicant (see GEPRIS entry)

2013, August:
Research project funding: GESIS Panel Campus, BMBF step-up funding for the GESIS Panel Role: Principle investigator/applicant

2013, June: 
Honorary Full Professorship, University of Mannheim, School of Social Sciences. 

2013 - 2015: 
Research leave, funded by GESIS Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences in Mannheim (Germany), Dept. of Survey Methodology and Design (SDM), BMBF Project ´GESIS Panel´.

2011, October:
Isaac Manasseh Meyer Fellowship by the National University of Singapore

2009 - 2011:
Research project: "Tourists Experiencing Eudaimonia through Sports and Recreational Acitivity Programs: Determinants and Conserquences", funded by FU Bozen/Bolzano
Role: Principal investigator

2008 - 2011:
Research project: "Expanding the concept of self-congruity to other dimensions of destination image to explain and predict post-visit evaluations in South Tyrolean tourism: Testing a comprehensive model", funded by FU Bozen/Bolzano.
Role: Principal investigator (together with Oswin Maurer, FU Bozen/Bolzano)

2008 - 2010:
SPP 1292 Survey Methodology, Sub-project: "Increasing nonresponse error by reducing nonresponse rates? Investigating the biasing effect of methods and procedures aimed at increasing response rates in Web-based access panel surveys", funded by DFG (German NSF).
Role: Participanting researcher (see GEPRIS entry
Applicants: Wolfgang Bandilla (GESIS-ZUMA, Mannheim), Mick Couper (U Michigan)

2008, February - 2009, June:
Grant to replicate and extend a meta-analysis on the risks of environmental tobacco smoke and on risk communication strategies.
Role: Primary researcher.
Project-related results and materials can be found here (in German):
Projektzusammenfassung: Passivrauchexposition am Arbeitsplatz und Lungenkrebsrisiko:
Replikation und Erweiterung der Meta-Analyse von Stayner et al. (2007)

2007, October:
Affiliated member of the Campbell Collaboration (C2) Methods Groups ("C2 Methods Groups Affiliate").

2007, April:
Nomination for the federal state of Baden-Württemberg teaching excellence award 2007 (German: Landeslehrpreis 2007) by the Psychology students council.

2007, March:
Appointment as an Associate Editor for Statistics and Research Methodology at Social Science Computer Review.

2005, December:
Call as a Guest Professor to the University of Zagreb (Croatia), Faculty of Organization and Informatics at Varazdin.

2005, May:
Call as an Associate Professor of Marketing to the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy.

2005, February/March:
Invited guest researchers at the University of Chemnitz, Germany, Department for Differential and Personality Psychology (Prof. Dr. Astrid Schütz).

2003, October:
Karin Islinger Award 2002, best Dissertation at the University of Mannheim in the Social Sciences 2002.

2003 thru 2005:
"Intelligent tourist organisation ULIXES", Eureka project E!2584, lead by Prof. Dr. Bozidar Klicek (University of Zagreb, FOI Varazdin).
Role: External partner and advisor to the main applicant for the area consumer behaviour and consumer satisfaction in tourism, Web-based and mobile data collection methodology.

"The Technological and Social Prerequisites for E-democracy", funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia, lead by Prof. Dr. Bozidar Klicek (University of Zagreb, FOI Varazdin).
Role: External advisor, development and refinement of the theoretical base to predict and explain the willingness to use e-democracy tools. The project was nominated for the World Summit Award 2003, section e-government.

2002 thru 2005:
"Web Survey Methodology Site (", thematic network funded by the European Union, 5th Framework Program (No.: SETN 2002-00040).
Role: Co-applicant with colleagues from Italy (Bergamo), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Sweden (Linköping); Partner for Germany.

1998, June:
AACE ED-Media/ED-Telecom Conference 1998 in Freiburg/Germany. Best paper award for the paper "Supporting hypertext-based argumentation skills" (received together with Prof. Dr. Peter Reimann).